Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's been a long time, yes it appears to be and now we are much larger, hairier (is that a word?) and spottier (sure that’s not). However we have not grown older despite what you might have heard, in fact if anything as a collective group we have got younger and shrunk into a pocket size thing. If you have also developed this strange problem please let us know, we would like to hear from you as you may also be a little glitch but alone.

Since the start of 2007 we have been very busy planting seeds on a farm in Devon in the hope that we can get rid of them all. We are yet to see lightning or Billy Ray Cyrus (is he a real person? if not perhaps it would explain why we haven’t). We have also released our first official ep 'Sudden moment of Clarity'. its a concept ep all about the Incredible hulk becoming a lunatic and we think you're going to like it...If not we might give you your money back or a penguin (the real thing, not a copy) We should probably repeat that (coffee break). The ep has also been on the bbc but not itv although we would like it on ITN or GMTV just so people know. PR is PR not RP. A big thank you to Lammo, TR , FP and of course top cat....a very generous fellow. And now it's time to push, push and blow your hoose doon.
come come on he is the greaatest dancer...seems only fair


Anonymous said...

you lost me on the second word.. but I was back again on the third word.... wow Im now on the forth word and it all seems ok again... Luv huggabugga

Anonymous said...

Agggghh theres a word later on and Im confused its "AND"...... what does this term mean.. please help' Huggabugga

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im passed the "AND" issue now ... thanks for all the help again you commie red glitches..