Friday, July 07, 2006

The virtual life of little glitches.....
I spoke to a friendly web designer today and he really recommended doing this so here goes...i realise this is probably the 476millionth blog created (or round there) and i do feel slightly unsure about what im doing and whether this is wise and its late and im going on...So the idea is that this is a space where us little glitches will write about what we've been up to, hopefully regularly (proably irregularly)...Us 'little glitches' of which i speak are a four piece band from Sheffield, England whom sound nothing like Arctic Monkeys but none the less are rather good if I dont say so myself (Yes, shameless self promotion but so wot!). We have been labelled the Crosby Stills and Nash of Sheffield but we think we are more like the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. We are probably somwhere inbetween or not like

We practice in a shoddy old shack in an old industrial part of sheffield and last night as we were playing and the rain started to bucket down outside we realised it was coming thru cracks in the ceiling, as it started dripping on our heads and our instruments. Without a seconds thought we all moved the electric piano, amps and our selves away from the leeks and then realised we were all now playing our instruments sat /stood very closely together with the piano right up against the bass drum (we are based in a very small room anyway). When we started playing again we realised how much more we could hear, see and interact with each other...It sounds cheesey but for the time being this is how we will practice and we all really like it ...we also plan to play live like this with the same set up...anyway enuf borin stuff...that was last night, tonight we started by havin a good old argument and that discussion took up half the practice but then we all felt happier and could look each other in the eye again. we blasted thru some old and new songs and made loads of mistakes but got on with our jobs and enjoyed ourselves baby!! So im gonna publish this post and probably realise i've done it wrong and have to start all over again...i guess i could copy this text just in case but i cant be arsed...bye for now x


Cockroach said...

Aye, that Harris fella loves a good argument - still have nightmares now from the Cat People days (shudder).

Nah, joking. Loving your tunes guys, will hopefully check yers out live soon.

Kind regards


max said...